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Bed Bug Bites – how to treat them

Treating bed bug bitesBed bug bites can become quite serious however people react to a bed bug bite rash in different ways. Some are not effected for days while others the effects are immediate. A bug bite rash can last much longer amount of time for some depending on the severity of the allergic reaction. A rash can last for 2 or 3 days before starting to fade away however, some people may require medical attention before the bed bug rash will clear up.

How to treat bed bug bites

One of the most common answer is treating the bed bug bites with a baking soda and water mixture which forms a paste and is applied to the affected area. Here is how:

  • First, be sure to wash the bed bug bites with soap and water.
  • Next, create a thick paste using the baking soda and water. The paste must be thick enough to stick to the bed bug bites.
  • Then, allow the paste to dry. Wait around an hour.
  • Finally, wash the paste and dry affected area.

Bed Bug Bites – Natural remedies

There are a few natural remedies for bed bug bites. St. Jonhs Wort and Lemon juice and witch hazel will work to ease the itching. The Aloe plant is a very common way to treat bed bug bites as well. The gel contains from Aloe has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties that help to soothe the bites from bed bugs.

Another home cure is running a bath and adding a half cup or so of peppermint oil to help stop the itching. You can also apply warm water (120 degrees F) to the bed bug bites immediately after you notice the bites. Always keep the wounds clean with soap and water to help fight bacteria from forming and causing infection. Some say powdered oatmeal will also help the infected skin while healing. Also, Alka-Seltzer and water can be applied to the bed bug bites but be leery if you are allergic to aspirin.

If these home remedies do not help the bites from bed bugs, remember to consult a physician so you do not further irritate the rash.

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Bedbug bites and Over the Counter Medications

A few Over the Counter Medications (OTC) for helping bed bug bites are Cortisone cream, calamine lotion, hydro-cortisone creams, Ibuprofen or anti-histamine such as benadryl for the swelling. You can also use aspirin in place of baking soda in the method above.

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